Comprising of talent from all over the globe, The Pirate Ska Rebellion fuses Ska, dub, Reggae, hip hop and Latin influences to create a forcefully spirited musical experience. This eclectic outfit is newly formed with members from Chile, Italy, Scotland, Brazil and Australia combining their individual styles, musical inspirations and poetic lyricism. The sound can be punchy and uplifting and at times vigorous and heartening. The Pirate Ska Rebellion is an exhilarating force that will have the dance floor thrumming. 

Band Members
Juan Pirata CHILE (Uke/Voice)
Dandelion Jackson AUSTRALIA (Sax/Voice)
Stefano Ioele ITALY (Bass)
David Upward SCOTLAND (Electric Guitar)
Renato Ferrari BRAZIL (Keyboards)
Willy Viran CHILE (Latin percussion)
Emilio Miguel Carné Saba CHILE (Drumkit)
Jorge Bravo CHILE(Trumpet)